Strategy & Design

We offer a range of services that allows us to create comprehensive brands from just an idea, to provide new strategies for established brands looking to grow, or to execute the expert design needed to realize a vision.

Whether our clients know what they need, don't know where to start, or are somewhere in between, we work with them to define their specific objectives and then go to work to achieve those objectives.

Some of our capabilities include:




Art Direction
Brand Style Guides
Business Development
Client Archetypes
Competitive Landscape
Concept Development
Content Development

Event Design
Graphic Design
Print Design

Photography Direction
Target Market
Website Design
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Design




We know that clients often struggle with defining their brand, refining their goals, or creating a plan to help them reach their business objectives. At Candor, we shine a light on the path forward with proprietary Strategic Insight Sessions designed to help clients hone in on exactly what they are trying to accomplish. These sessions help clients develop strategies that are utterly compatible with their values, putting them in a position to be stunningly successful while optimizing budget and resources. This session-based work has been carefully developed and tested among dozens of clients to create focus and drive ROI.

The following are our recommended sessions to help this discovery process:




Insight Advisory Session

Insight Advisory Sessions are strategic marketing, branding & business development intensive for entrepreneurs & companies who seek to create a fully integrated relationship to their brands and objectives both online and offline. The session includes a full audit of the business covering every part of brand positioning, marketing strategy & business development and culminates in a strategic brief outlining suggested directives, as well as a list of deliverables, vendors & costs.



Advisory Consulting Sessions

These sessions are for existing Candor clients who are seeking ongoing advisement and support regarding business development, branding & marketing.